Bit About Me

I am generally someone who doesn’t like talking too much about myself but here goes: I’m a Malaysian football fanatic (soccer for Americans and Aussies) and this blog is about my favorite club: Liverpool FC. I have been a supporter since I was 12 years of age and I’ve never stopped since. Even though I lived far away from the fortress that is Anfield, I am always camped out in front of the telly watching the matches. The only times I’ve ever avoided watching a Pool game was when they play Chelsea – my dad is a supporter, and we both get overly emotional during matches.

Although my memories of the club only started in the late 90s and noughties, I still am fully aware of the great history of the club and its past.

Favorite memories: Istanbul 2005 and FA Cup win 2006

Favorite player: Steven Gerrard

I am excited for this blog to take off and become one of the best blogs about anything related to Liverpool Football Club. Barring any other commitments, you will get a post a day from me and I love getting to know the different views and opinions of other supporters, so please comment, like and share!

I’m also always looking to improve on things. So your feedback (good and bad) is much appreciated as this will help make your overall experience of the site better. If you would like to discuss football in general or about anything else send me an email at and barring the time difference, I will get back to you immediately. Don’t be shy!